Planets, generally speaking, are celestial bodies orbiting a star. Each Sburb player is assigned their own personal planet once they enter the Medium. It serves as the beginning point of their adventure and is designed to hold many puzzles and challenges to be solved and overcome by the player. It is inhabited by consorts and a denizen, who sleeps somewhere on the planet, waiting to be awakened by the player during the final phase of their quest. These player planets are based around different aspects of the player, usually including their mythological role.

All player planets orbit around Skaia, which serves as the system's "star". Two other planets orbit Skaia, namely Prospit and Derse. They are the driving forces in the battle of good against evil the players get caught up in.

Mountain View

Planets drawn by Wayward Vagabond into the skies of Can Town.

Session Constants

Skaia, a "dormant crucible of unlimited creative potential". Under its thick atmosphere lies The Battlefield, a planet that changes every time a player enters the medium with a prototyped sprite. It's here that a war between Prospit and Derse takes place, which Prospit must always lose.

Prospit, a planet that orbits Skaia like a moon. Home to the forces of light, and ruled by the White Queen. Prospit's moon passes through the atmosphere of Skaia, allowing Prospitian dream selves to see the future in the clouds. The dream selves of John, Jade, Jane and Jake reside here, and in the trolls' session, the dream selves of Karkat, Terezi, Gamzee, Tavros, Vriska, Kanaya, and Sollux (who has two) are also on Prospit.

Derse, a planet that orbits beyond The Veil. Home to the forces of darkness, and ruled by the Black Queen. The Noble Circle of Horrorterrors, who reside in the Furthest Ring, whisper advice to Dersite dream selves. The dream selves of Rose, Dave, Roxy and Dirk reside here, and in the trolls' session, the dream selves of Equius, Aradia, Nepeta, Eridan, Feferi, and Sollux (who has two) are also on Derse.

Mountain View

The trolls' planets and client-server connections.


Earth, where humans come from. Reduced to a desert wasteland as a result of Sburb being released. Home to the Exiles in the year 2422. Its first guardian is Becquerel. The trolls created Earth through their SGRUB session. Post-scratch, God Cat serves as earth's first guardian, and the planet is eventually taken over by Betty Crocker.

Alternia, the trolls' home planet. Home to the Midnight Crew and the Felt after its apocalypse. Its first guardian is Doc Scratch. It is located in a universe that exists in a different linear time than Earth. Before the trolls' scratch, this planet was known as Beforus.

The reader's planet is the Land of Stumps and Dismay, a world filled with trees and a penetrating emptiness that creeps into your body and soul. The bright screen with pretty dancing colors calls to you, but so does your pistol. What do you do?

Homosuck Dave aka Alpha Male is not given LOHAC but rather the Land of Someone's Handicrafts I Took (abbreviated as LOSHIT). The planet is a hill-covered world with paper cutouts of the book Ed Emberley's Make a World.