Let me tell you about Homestuck!

Homestuck is "a tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together." But it is truly a story of a webcomic's ascension into anime. Homestuck is the fourth story of MS Paint Adventures, and by far the largest one yet, with 8,150 pages (out of 10,028 MSPA pages). It started on the 13th of April 2009 (4/13/09), 413 becoming a recurring number in-universe. The story contains foul language, violence, gore, and other adult themes. The comic ended on April 13, 2016, 7 years after the stable release was first published. Homestuck's basic premise was inspired by games like The Sims, Spore, and EarthBound. Unlike previous Adventures, Homestuck is no longer primarily driven by reader submitted commands, Andrew having taken full control of the story during Act 4. However, he admits to still drawing inspiration from the speculation and fanart of his fanbase.The Homestuck Beta, that was started on April 10, three days prior to the now official release, was Andrew's original attempt to start the comic, which he planned to make entirely in Flash, and drop the MS Paint-style art. However, when the Homestuck Stable Release came, it was revealed that it would continue its art style and use of animated GIFs instead. It was revealed a few days later in Andrew's blog that this was not planned, but rather, it was because doing a whole series with Flash was too difficult and time consuming for him. Although most of the adventure is still created with animated gifs, there are still occasional Flash updates which take the form of movies or even interactive minigames, and include music.The game of Homestuck is shown to have two discs. The first disc lasts until the END OF YEAR TWO. The second disc, resembling a record, was supposed to last until the end of the adventure, though it was later shownSburb Logo to only last through Act 6 Intermission 5. The second disc was scratchedSburb Logo by Terezi when she attempts to play it on a record player, causing the game to critically malfunction at an inopportune time. It had to be taken to a scratch doctor in order to be repaired. Around April 16, 2013, Andrew added these discs to the Homestuck Adventure Map, as well as new sections known as "Parts". These span roughly equal portions of Homestuck, unlike the wildly varying page lengths of its Acts. As of July 28, 2015, there are 3 Parts of Homestuck.

Mountain View


Part 1


Disc One of Homestuck.

ACT 1 - THE NOTE DESOLATION PLAYS (Started 04/13/09, ended 06/07/09)

ACT 2 - RAISE OF THE CONDUCTOR'S BATON (Started 06/10/09, ended 10/11/09)

ACT 3 - INSANE CORKSCREW HAYMAKERS (Started 10/13/09, ended 01/15/10)

INTERMISSION - DON'T BLEED ON THE SUITS. (Started 01/16/10, ended 02/10/10)

ACT 4 - FLIGHT OF THE PARADOX CLONES (Started 02/10/10, ended 05/26/10 PSYCHE 06/12/10) (END OF YEAR 1)

Part 2


Disc Two of Homestuck.

ACT 5 (Started 06/12/10, ended 10/25/11)

ACT 1 - MOB1US DOUBL3 R34CH4ROUND (Started 06/12/10, ended 09/19/10)

ACT 2 - HE IS ALREADY HERE. (Started 09/19/10, ended 10/25/11) (END OF YEAR 2)

INTERMISSION 2 - THE MAN IN THE CAIRO OVERCOAT. (Started 10/31/11, ended 11/02/11)

Part 3

ACT 6 (Started 11/11/11, ended 04/06/16)

ACT 1 - THROUGH BROKEN GLASS (Started 11/11/11, ended 12/11/11)

INTERMISSION 1 - CORPSE PARTY (Started 12/11/11, ended 01/01/12)

ACT 2 - YOUR SHIT IS WRECKED. (Started 01/02/12, ended 03/09/12)

INTERMISSION 2 - PENIS OUIJA (Started 03/10/12, ended 04/13/12) (END OF YEAR 3)

ACT 3 - NOBLES (Started 04/14/12, ended 07/29/12)

INTERMISSION 3 - BALLET OF THE DANCESTORS (Started 08/31/12, ended 11/03/12)

ACT 4 - VOID (Started 11/12/12, ended 11/14/12)

INTERMISSION 4 - DEAD (Started 11/14/12, ended 11/27/12)

ACT 5 - OF GODS AND TRICKSTERS (Started 11/28/12, ended 02/16/13)

ACT 1 (Started 11/28/12, ended 01/11/13)

ACT 2 (Started 01/11/13, ended 01/26/13)

ACT 1 X2 (Started 01/26/13, ended 02/16/13)

INTERMISSION 5 - I'M PUTTING YOU ON SPEAKER CRAB. (Started 02/17/13, ended 04/14/13) (END OF YEAR 4)

Intermission 1 (Started and ended on 02/19/13)

Intermission 2 (Started and ended on 02/21/13)

Intermission 3 (Started and ended on 03/21/13)

Intermission 4 (Started and ended on 04/01/13)

Intermission 5 (Started and ended on 04/06/13)

Intermission 6 (Started and ended on 04/11/13)

Homestuck Cartridge

The artridge taking place of a disc for part three of Homestuck

ACT 6 (Started 06/12/13, ended 4/06/16)

ACT 1 (Started 06/12/13, ended 06/13/13)

INTERMISSION 1 (Started 06/14/13, ended 08/27/13)

ACT 2 (Started 08/29/13, ended 09/02/13)

INTERMISSION 2 (Started 9/02/13, ended 10/16/13)

(END OF YEAR 5 - no panel)

ACT 3 (Started 10/16/14, ended 10/25/14)

INTERMISSION 3 (Started 10/25/14, ended 10/26/14)

ACT 4 (Started and ended 11/01/14)

INTERMISSION 4 (Started 11/03/14, ended 01/19/15)

ACT 5 (Started 04/13/15, ended 04/22/15) (END OF YEAR 6 - no panel)

INTERMISSION 5 (Started 04/22/15, ended 04/02/16)

ACT 6 (Started on 04/06/16, ended on 04/12/16)

ACT 7 (Started and ended on 4/13/16) (END OF YEAR 7 - no panel)

CREDITS (10/25/16)

Mountain View

Disc One of Homestuck.

Mountain View

Disc Two of Homestuck.

Mountain View

Disc Two Scratched by the Beta Kids

Mountain View

The cartridge taking place of a disc for part three of Homestuck