John Egbert

John Egbert is one of the main characters in Homestuck. He is a boy who, according to this page, has not been given a name until his thirteenth birthday; however, this is just a framing mechanism. In the past, he has ended letters with -ghostyTrickster (john). While originally given the name "Zoosmell Pooplord", the game rejected it and settled for John.John uses an online application known as Pesterchum to communicate with his other tech-savvy friends. His chumhandle is ectoBiologist. It used to be ghostyTrickster, but he changed it to avoid the trolls. Oddly, he chose the name ectoBiologist based on a comment by one of the trolls.His title may be a pun on his associated classical element, because interchanging the first and last words produces "breath of air".His web browser of choice is Typheus, who coincidentally is the mate of Echidna, the namesake of Jade's web browser.John's associated Classical element is air, and his Associated Item is oil.

John, travelling by meteor, arrived on Earth as an infant, which resulted in the death of the woman who he believed to be his grandmother, who was in actuality his mother, due to ectobiology. He was adopted and raised by his half-brother who took the role of his Dad. At some point during his childhood, Gamzee Makara used his chucklevoodoos on John, causing a doll resembling 3 x prototyped Jack Noir to appear in his dream room on Prospit. This caused John to write self-depreciating remarks and draw pictures of harlequins on his walls while sleeping, however he was not cognizant of these while awake. His dad, who was generally supportive of his interests, began showing an interest in harlequins too, in an attempt to bond with John, but failed to realize John's distaste for them.At some point John became friends with kids his age over the internet; Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley. Little is known about this other than Jade first contacted John on one of his birthdays. All four would go on to play Sburb together. On Jade's birthday, after being harassed by trolls, John changed his Pesterchum handle from ghostyTrickster to ectoBiologist.

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Title: Heir of Breath

Planet: Land of Wind and Shade

Dreamer: Prospit

Age: 20 (April 13th, 1996)


Dad - Adoptive father, Genetic half-brother

Nanna - Adoptive grandmother, Genetic mother

Grandpa - Genetic father

Jade Harley - Friend/Genetic sister

Roxy Lalonde - Probable romantic interest

Vriska Serket - Patron troll

Casey - Adoptive daughter (formerly?)

Poppop - Post-scratch self

Terezi Pyrope - Possible Caliginous crush

Wayward Vagabond - Exile, although he also receives commands from Peregrine Mendicant shortly after passing through his First Gate.

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Player:John Egbert



Rose Lalonde

Rose Lalonde is one of the main characters in Homestuck. She is a friend of John Egbert. She was originally named Flighty Broad by Kanaya Maryam, but that name was rejected and the name Rose was chosen. She uses the chumhandle tentacleTherapist when chatting on Pesterchum.Her web browser of choice is Cetus.Rose's Associated Classical Element is water, as evidenced by the water running through her house, and Rose's Associated Item is chalk. Rose's role in Sburb is the "Seer of Light", as shown by her presence in the Land of Light and Rain and her Exile, the Windswept Questant, calling her 'Seer'.Rose was raised by her Mom (the only one of the kids' guardians with a genetically-accurate moniker). At some point before the story she befriended John, Dave, and Jade via the internet. On her thirteenth birthday, some months before the story's beginning, she received knitting needles and yarn from John, and some cryptic advice from Jade concerning her dead cat Jaspers and the possibility of resurrecting him. She was also contacted by GA, whose claims that she had talked with Rose in the future were met with doubt. She later used her needles to enhance a cherished childhood toy which she intended to send to John on his birthday.

Rose is John's server player, interacting with the space around John by moving, building, and destroying objects. She had both Sburb discs at the beginning of the story and, unlike the other kids, had no trouble using them. Rose is proficient enough with Sburb that she created a walkthrough on GameFAQs. Rose observed that all other Sburb walkthroughs ended before the Medium is reached, probably due to the author's termination by meteor, so she included instructions on how to get into the Medium as quickly as possible. As John's server, she aided John and built up his house in the first two acts; however, her internet connection was unstable, causing numerous shenanigans. She relied on a connection from the nearby lab which was mysteriously unsecured, but she had to move to her dead cat's mausoleum to get closer to the source of the connection.

When the generator powering her laptop failed, she discovered a secret passage in the mausoleum. This led to the Skaianet Laboratory next to her house. Here she came into contact with Sburb technology, such as ectobiology equipment, transportalizers, and appearifiers. The lab also contained such incongruous things as a tea set, a pink bed, and a mutant kitten. The transportalizer in the lab led to what she thought was her Mom's room, which she decided not to be especially melodramatic about.Back in her room with a hub from the lab to provide power and internet to her laptop, Rose set up a Sburb connection with Dave as her server. She initially prototyped Jaspers per Jade's advice. Dave then prototyped her kernelsprite again with the Eldritch Princess doll. She produced her cruxite artifact, a bottle, to enter the medium.

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Title: Seer of Light

Planet: Land of Light and Rain

Dreamer: Derse

Age: 20 (December 4th, 1995)


Rose's Mom - Adoptive and Genetic mother

Roxy - Genetic mother

Dave's Bro - Genetic father

Dave Strider - Genetic brother

Kanaya Maryam - Patron troll, wife

Terezi Pyrope & Gamzee Makara - Ex-Auspistice

Jaspers - Pet

Casey - Vassal

Windswept Questant - Exile

Jasprosesprite^2 - Post tier 2 prototyped self

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Player: Rose Lalonde

Consorts: Turtles

Denizen: Cetus

Dave Strider

Dave Strider is one of the main characters in Homestuck, and the third kid to be introduced. He is obsessed with being cool, which manifests itself in his unceasing pursuit of new ironic depths. When the original name "Insufferable Prick" was about to be suggested, he slashed the entry box right in half with a Ninja Sword because he's just way too cool to put up with that kind of bullshit.On Pesterchum his Chumhandle is turntechGodhead. He has Pesterchum Version 7.0 as opposed to John's 6.0. His web browser of choice is Hephaestus.His Associated Classical Element is Fire, as indicated by his web browser and the weather outside his house, and his Associated Item is Amber.Dave was raised by his Bro who was genetically his father due to ectobiology. It was suggested in the author commentary of Homestuck book three that Dave was physically and emotionally abused by him, with evidence such as in Act 3 where he was starved by his Bro among other things. Eventually he exposits about this during Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5, confirming these suspicions.At some point (most likely due to Jade's prophetic influence) he befriended John, Rose, and Jade through the internet, and often talks with them on Pesterchum

Though he did have the game, Dave, unlike John and Rose, had no interest in Sburb and thought it was a total piece of shit, going so far as to blow off Rose and further antagonize John for wanting to play the game. However, this may just have been him making excuses so that he wouldn't have to admit he lost his Sburb beta discs in an incident involving a crow and a certain worthless piece of shit sword.Nevertheless, Rose's pestering eventually wore him down, and he went to retrieve his Bro's copy of Sburb. The two had a duel on the roof of their apartment for no apparent reason beyond the awesomeness of it, and Bro's puppet, Lil Cal, was destroyed in the aftermath. Bro defeated Dave but let him have the discs anyway before flying away on his rocket board. He was then able to connect to Rose, who was by that point in extreme peril by the fires threatening her home.Shortly after Rose entered the Medium, Jade connected to him as his server. Jade prototyped Dave's sprite with the Rambunctious Crow he accidentally slew with a Sylladex mix-up. The two also investigated the functions of some Sburb equipment. Dave was trolled by AT in this time, who he was able to countertroll to the point that AT blocked Dave. He also made his entry item, an eggy-loking thign [sic], which was taken by his kernelsprite to a nest it had built out of shitty swords and soft puppet ass. When his time was running out, he attempted to reach the nest to break the artifact but was repulsed by the crowsprite, causing the meteor to come dangerously close to Dave's apartment before it was sliced in two by Bro. It turned out that the artifact only needed time in order for it to hatch, sending Dave to the Medium.

In an alternate, doomed timeline which began shortly afterwards, Dave Tier 2 prototyped the sprite with Lil Cal after entering. However, since this new sprite was a useless guide, not to mention annoying as fuck (also because John and Jade were dead), Dave went back in time and Tier 2 prototyped the sprite with himself, taking over as a guide for his past self. This version of Dave is referred to as Davesprite. Because of Davesprite, Dave had a lot of high-level gear early on.After this, Dave was able to trick John into giving him the code for Rose's journals (Rose was asleep, and John was in her house. It's not as creepy as it sounds). Soon after getting the genetic code MEOW, Dream Rose awakened Dream Dave's consciousness by throwing a yarn ball at his head, forcing the waking Dave asleep. The two of them had a dance party.While he was asleep, Jade built up his house. Upon waking, Dave did lots of alchemization, including creating a copy of Rose's journals. These he promptly lost when a Dersite agent stole them along with the copies of Sburb he used as a bookmark. He considered preventing this with time travel, but noticed that one such Dave had tried that and died, so Alpha Dave decided against it. He soon entered his first Gate, transporting elsewhere on his planet, the Land of Heat and Clockwork.

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Title: Witch of Space

Planet: Land of Frost and Frogs

Dreamer: Derse

Age: 20 (December 1st, 1995)


Bro - Adoptive older brother, genetic father (Deceased)

Dirk - Genetic father

Rose's Mom, Roxy - Genetic mother (Former deceased)

Rose, Roxy's Mom - Genetic sister (Latter deceased)

Davesprite - Alternate self, sprite

Dirk's Bro - Post-scratch self (Deceased)

Terezi Pyrope - Patron troll, Matesprit (Former)

Karkat Vantas - Implied to be in a relationship

Aimless Renegade - Exile (Deceased)

Mountain View

Player: Dave Strider

Consorts: Crocodiles

Denizen: Hephaestus

Jade Harley

Jade Harley is one of the main characters in Homestuck. She is the fourth kid to be introduced. She has long black hair, round glasses, and a bucktoothed grin. She wears a shirt with a constantly changing blue picture on it, a belt, and a button-up long skirt. She was named 'Farmstink Buttlass' while she was sleeping and thus she couldn't object to the name like the three other kids did -- however she wrote a note in advance about it.Jade goes by the chumhandle gardenGnostic when chatting on Pesterchum and her web browser of choice is Echidna.Her Associated Element is earth, and her Associated Item is Uranium.Jade was initially raised by her Grandpa, who was genetically her father through ectobiology. When she and her grandpa were beginning to colonize the island northeast of Australia, a package appeared mysteriously. Inside were some pumpkin seeds and a shirt. When Jade was young, Grandpa died due to a misunderstanding of human culture by Tavros Nitram, who took control of Becquerel to redirect a bullet Jade accidentally shot at herself at Grandpa. It was stated that the moral of the story is that "wigglers should not be allowed to dual wield flintlock pistols".After this she was raised by her dog, Becquerel. Around this time she had trouble sleeping, which eventually went away. As she got older, she befriended John, Rose, and Dave via the internet. Jade at first appeared to have no interest in Sburb, but she eventually came across Dave's copies of the beta from the lotus Time Capsule in the nearby temple and started playing as Dave's server player. However, she had some trouble getting him in to The Medium, as she had no experience with games and because she had trouble staying awake. She dropped a towel in his toilet, dropped the toilet in Dave's room, and then prototyped his Kernelsprite with a useless crow. However, he managed to get into the Medium just in time.

She spent a lot of time asleep during the initial stages of Sburb, because she was waiting for Dream John to wake up. She also was able to beat up the Courtyard Droll, who had stolen the White Queen's ring. She finished building Dave's apartment up to the second gate and talked to Tavros Nitram, all while asleep.Jack Noir attacked Skaia and Prospit. He cut the chain connecting Prospit to its moon. As the moon fell towards Skaia, John fell out of his room. Jade flew after him, attempting to wake him up. As Prospit's moon was about to crash on top of the two, she pushed John to safety. John finally awoke, but Dream Jade died. Back on Earth, this caused her Dreambot to explode and Jade fell from her tower.

Becquerel caught her, and placed her on her bed. She soon went back to sleep. When she went to sleep without a dream self, she was sent to an unstable dream bubble in the Furthest Ring. The experience horrified her, and with her conversation with Feferi afterward she adamantly refused to go back to sleep. She also talked to Karkat, and inadvertently fixed his hatred of his past and future selves (which Nepeta regarded as auspisticizing).Shortly afterwards John connected to her as her server. He set up the Sburb machines and they debated what they should prototype. Jade prepared her entry item, a pinata of Bec which she had to shoot blindfolded. John was about to prototype a blue lady doll, but was put to sleep by Vriska. Becquerel then teleported everything in the foyer into space (including Grandpa), then prototyped himself.Bec then blasted the incoming meteor with a green energy beam, saving the island from destruction. Jade was able to shoot the pinata with a blind shot with help from Bec, allowing her to enter.

Mountain View

Title: Witch of Space

Planet: Land of Frost and Frogs

Dreamer: Prospit

Age: 20 (December 1st, 1995)


Becquerel - Pet, guardian

Nanna - Genetic mother

John Egbert - Genetic brother

Grandpa - Adoptive grandfather/Genetic father (deceased)

Karkat Vantas - Patron troll

Tavros Nitram - Fairy God Troll

Jake English - Penpal, genetic father

Jane Crocker - Genetic mother

Jadesprite - dream self

Peregrine Mendicant - Exile

Davesprite - Ex-Boyfriend

Mountain View

Player: Jade Harley

Consorts: Iguanas

Denizen: Echidna